Is Apple’s Home Automation App a Huge Deal for the Smart Home Enthusiast?

Apple Smart Home Automation Application Featured

The new operation system update of iOS 10 brings an array of new features that show the company’s interest in better implementation of Smart Home solutions. Apple’s Home Automation vision is highly reflected in their Siri update and most notably in the release of their Home application. 

The upcoming update for Apple’s infamous iPhone devices, iOS 10, is praised as being one of the biggest software updates the company has released since iOS 7. Available this fall, the new operating system is currently in its beta stages and any eager enthusiast can download and test it out. There are a huge number of notable changes for iPhone and iPad owners, including iMessage, Photos and Notifications. However, what’s truly notable for Smart Home hobbyists is Apple’s Home Automation software implementation in their Siri assistant and the release of their new Home application.

The Home Application

One of the major changes in iOS with regard to the smart home, is the release of Apple’s Home application. With its help in iOS 10 users will be able to use their iPhones and iPads as a control center hub for their smart homes. The implementation of Apple’s Home app new features is a welcome change for owners, who prefer a more seamless smart home experience.

Apple Smart Home Automation Application Future

The new Home app has three main tabs: Home, Rooms and Automation. The first tab offers users a general overview of their HomeKit setup. It shows a compilation of the accessories and scenes a user most frequently uses. If you are not familiar, a “scene” in Apple’s Home application is similar to a “routine”in the Yonomi app. Basically, a person can set up a scene, such as “In Home” that automates and adjusts certain Smart Home devices to a specific setting, once conditions, such as a GPS signal of a user in their Home, take place.

The second tab of the application, Rooms, provide a view of one’s devices and information of the location of a user’s smart appliances in accordance to the rooms in their home.

The most interesting tab in Apple’s Home Automation application is the Automation tab. In the automation tab, users are able to simply set up the aforementioned “scenes.” This allows them more control of the situation of their smart homes, as well as further automation of routine processes.

Apple’s Home Automation Siri Update

Another notable item in Apple’s iOS 10 is the update of the company’s smart assistant software, Siri. While before the app was tightly tied to the iPhone, it is now available on the Apple Watch, Apple TV and will soon be available on the Mac. The integration of Siri on a bigger number of devices, as well as the implementation of new features from Apple’s Home Automation application is certainly a great step towards achieving an Apple Smart Home experience.

Apple Smart Home Automation Application New

Apple’s Smart Home App Future

Nonetheless, the company still has to overcome a few major obstacles, if they want to tap into a bigger home automation market. For starters, currently the home automation scene is only attracting about 36 percent of the North American population, according to a 2015 Nielsen study. Furthermore, tech giants, including Amazon and Google, already offer voice-controlled smart hub solutions on the market that are met with a great response from smart hub enthusiasts.

Furthermore, even if Apple is able to overcome those challenges, the company would still not be a first choice for many smart home enthusiasts. Those interested in implementing the latest IoT solutions in their homes usually prefer more open and customization systems. This is strictly against Apple’s closed system policy. Having this in mind, it’s hard to see how Apple can appeal to a wider audience.

One of the main markets that Apple can tap into, with their Smart Home Automation software is the market their already have – Apple enthusiasts. Owners of iOS devices will gladly implement the new Smart Home solutions their devices can offer. However, unless Apple present a new revolutionary home automation device on the market, smart home enthusiasts are not going to make the switch to Apple.

Nonetheless, the Apple’s Home Automation application shows the company’s great vision of the Smart Home industry. With it, Apple are making the right step forward towards a more seamless smart home device integration and software control.

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