Amazon Alexa Now Supports iHome and August Home Smart Devices

Users of the iHome SmartPlug and the August Home Door Locks can now easily control their smart home devices with their voice with the help of Amazon Alexa voice integration. 

Amazon continues to add new devices to their list of Amazon Alexa supported products. Focused on a Smart Home future, the eCommerce goliath wants to improve the IoT experience of their users. Adding to the number of supported devices, users of August Home and iHome products will now be able to control them with their voices.

Amazon Alexa Echo Collaboration Smart Home Device iHome Plug

Amazon and iHome Collaboration

In a recent press release, iHome announced their collaboration with Amazon. Users of certain iHome control products will now be able to control their devices by using Amazon Alexa products. This includes Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Dot and Amazon Fire TV.

The announced collaboration is great towards a simple, easy and efficient Smart Home experience. However, the current range of supported iHome products is quite limited. Currently, only the ISP5, ISP6 and ISP8 SmartPlugs from iHome work with the existing line of Alexa’s Voice Integrated products. Furthermore, Amazon Alexa already supports multiple smart plug devices, including WeMo and TP-Link outlets.

Amazon Alexa Echo Collaboration Smart Home Device August Home Lock

Amazon and August Home Collaboration

A few hours later, August Home also issued a press release through Business Wire announcing that Amazon Alexa will now support their Door Locks and other devices. This collaboration is far more notable, as the August Smart Lock will be te first smart lock device to support Alexa-enabled devices, including the Echo. Alexa users will finally be able to lock their doors automatically only by using their voice.

“Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices have captivated customers with the ability to integrate voice into the smart home. We share Amazon’s vision of delighting consumers with awesome experiences. This marks the first announcement in an ongoing relationship we have with Amazon,” Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home stated.

Amazon continues to build upon their list of supported devices, aiming for a more seamless smart home experience. Their two recently announced collaborations with iHome and August Home deliver simplicity and ease to owners of multiple Smart Home devices. Now, Amazon Alexa enthusiasts will be able to have more control over their IoT home network.

If you want to learn more about Amazon Alexa device integration, check the full list of supported devices here.

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