The expected innovations for the Smart Home 2017

With the ever growing home automation industry, we decided to tackle the question of what we should expect in innovations for the smart home 2017. Will Microsoft be putting Cortana in your home, while Amazon Alexa and IBM Watson are chilling on the couch? Will Google Home take over the home automation industry? The only certainty is that the industry is truly moving forward. 

We’ve already discussed that 2016 was a big year for the home automation industry. However, moving forward, the smart home 2017 innovations are expected to spark even more interest both within the smart home enthusiasts community and those who are yet unfamiliar with the true capabilities that the industry has to offer.

A Year of Collaborations and Smart Home AI Assistants

The big trend in the upcoming year does seem to be smart home AI assistants. Almost every major tech company has either released an assistant for the smart home, has plans for the development of one, or is looking forward to deliver their smart assistant to smart home tech.

Amazon and Intel in 2017

The Apple Effect Apple Amazon Echo Competitor Smart Home Hub

One of the most interesting announcements earlier this month within the smart home industry was that Amazon and Intel will be joining forces to deliver better home automation devices. While we don’t expect this to bring any significant changes to the current devices offered by both companies, the integration of Alexa within MiOS is definitely something that might spark the interest of developers and manufacturers.

Amazon Alexa’s Competitor in the Face of the Google Home Hub


Amazon is currently one of the biggest players in the development of smart home technology. This is true, because of the huge success of their Amazon Echo smart speaker and the voice controlled Amazon Alexa software. However, seeing an opportunity in the market, Google have released the Google Home, an Amazon Echo competitor, which currently manages to win the smart speaker fight on many fronts. However, in the smart home 2017 speculation, it is still early to tell whether or not the Google Home will have a huge success.

Microsoft Brining Cortana to Your Smart Home


Another interesting update we’ve received this month from a huge tech company was the unveiling of Microsoft’s plan for Cortana. As part of a special presentation, we learned that the Windows 10 creator’s update will ensure that Cortana is compatible with a huge variety of smart home devices. The announced synchronization of Cortana with every smart home and IoT device that features a screen is certainly something to be excited about for the smart home 2017 technologies. While it is uncertain that we will be able to see a Cortana-enabled device in the spring of 2017, by the end new home appliances should have Microsoft’s assistant.

IBM’s Watson

Another company that aims to deliver the brain of your intelligent home is IBM. The cognitive platform IBM Watson, made famous for its victory in a Jeopardy game, will be coming to new smart home appliances this year. Announced earlier this year, IBM will be collaborating with Whirlpool and Panasonic, among other companies, to make IBM’s Watson a true standard in the smart home industry. Among the anticipated features are better communication between the washer machine and the drier and notifications about the current state of your laundry detergent. In the security department, IBM’s Watson is said to be a better assistant in recognizing intruders.

Facebook’s CEO Smart Home AI Assistant


Mark Zuckerberg is also playing around with smart home AI assistants. Earlier this month, he unveiled more information about his ongoing project named Jarvis. Facebook’s CEO did comment that there won’t be a Facebook Smart Home AI Assistant in the near future, but we do believe that he might be making an announcement later this year about similar software applications. During the past few years Facebook has been trying to overtake many different applications for smartphones, so delivering a smart home solution might not be out of the question.

Apple’s Home Integration

Apple Amazon Echo Competitor Smart Home Hub Featured Image

Apple is yet another huge tech company that is heavily invested in delivering new smart home solutions. Earlier this year with the release of iOS 10 we did see Apple’s first steps into the home automation industry. However, we believe that the company’s focus in the upcoming year will be to bring better Siri support for home automation devices.

The Synchronized Smart Home 2017

One of the biggest hurdles that the home automation industry has to overcome is the better interconnectivity and a more seamless interaction between home automation devices. While seemingly all of the huge tech companies do understand that the saturation and diversity on the smart home market are leading to device communication problems, a seamless smart home experience does seem like a long way off. In fact, with so many new and different options and smart home AI assistants introduced and to-be introduced, a seamless smart home experience does seem to be far off. Even though the synchronized smart home 2017 does appear to be the main focus of almost every huge tech company, the race to deliver one solution does result in a market filled with too many assistants.

Which smart home assistant will you be choosing this year? What are you excited about the smart home 2017? Leave your thoughts and comments below and for more news, inspiration and tutorials on the smart home and home automation world don’t forget to stay tuned to

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