Dojo – Your new home network guardian

One of the biggest issues with IOT and the range of smart home devices is security and the risk of malware. With huge worldwide infections that have affected everything from child monitors to doorbells.  As the world of IOT starts to find it’s feet, security is going to be paramount in placating people’s worries and taking the industry from the peripheries, and into the mainstream.  The guys and girls at BullGuard are attempting to take the worry and hassle out of your hands, with a new product they call Dojo.

Virtual protection for your network

Dojo is a a little box that plugs straight into your router, and acts as a virtual policeman on your home network, taking responsibility for firewall and network security.  It comes with a smartphone app that allows you to check and edit your settings, as well as allowing new devices to join the network after your acknowledgement.  Also included in the box is a Dojo Pebble.  This slick looking accessory has one function, to show you if there are any issues it has detected on the network.  If everything is running fine, it will display a green light.  If it has detected malware, and knows how to deal with it, the light will turn orange.  If you see a red light however, you either have a device looking to join the network (so you will have to authorize it), or you need to actually get up off your couch and investigate what is wrong. This simple traffic light system is actually really useful, and can put the customer’s mind at ease simply by looking at it.  No more looking through your settings if you suspect you may have issues, Dojo can worry about that for you.

Shared malware protection

The way Dojo works, and the reason it works so well is that it relies on crowd sourced data and machine learning to recognize strange activity on the network.  New malware, once detected, notifies the central Dojo servers and in turns updates the other Dojo’s around the world accordingly.  This sort of system should keep your home network safe from new threats as well as old.  In a world where baby monitors, wi-fi cameras, laptops, and phones are becoming part of everyone’s modern life, security needs to be taken more seriously, and it’s good to see devices such as this being released.  Many of the less ‘technical’ customers put security low down on the list of things to look for when buying their tech, but as malware attacks increase in frequency, more people will get ‘bitten’, and in turn more people will be looking for solutions to stop it happening again.

For those worried about your home network details being used in the cloud, all information garnered by the Dojo is anonymous, with the main reason for crowd-sourcing information being the detection of new threats.  As with any crowd-sourced  data, the more they have, the more useful it becomes, so if the Dojo is to take off, it could become an extremely useful piece of kit in the fight against the bad guys.

The Dojo is available to order today from Amazon, but you are looking at a two month wait for shipping.  The kit costs $199.99, and if you have a need for some sort of virtual home defence system, you could do a lot worse than the Dojo by BullGuard.

It is worth noting however, that the Dojo requires a subscription to continue the crowd-sourcing aspects of the device.  You get a free years subscription when you buy from Amazon, but after that you are looking at $9.99 a month, or if you buy a yearly subscription, it will set you back $99.  If you don’t wish to renew, then the Dojo will continue to work, but won’t receive updates on new malware threats, which to be fair is the main reason you would want to buy this device.  For most of us in the tech crowd, $99 a year isn’t a bad price for peace of mind.

All images courtesy of BullGuard press kit


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