Is the Brewgenie Smart Coffee Maker a Smart Buy? – A BYSH Review

Smart coffee machines seem to be a long way off, but this little brewer boasts being intelligent. But is the Brewgenie Smart Coffee Maker a Smart Buy? We decided to buy one and find out. Check out what we think of the little brewer right here. 

On our quest to find the best small smart home appliances available on the market today, we didn’t know what to expect. While we had the vision of making a smart kitchen where every little appliance has its own app, including the knife, we weren’t able to find much tech in this category that constituted as smart. Nevertheless, we were surprised to find that more than a few manufacturers have made a shot towards making a smart coffee brewer.

Being caffeine junkies, we would love to have a fully featured smart coffee machine in our hands, but for the purpose of the everyday caffeine enthusiast, a brewer seemed like a good option. Waking up to the aroma of a hot coffee, who doesn’t want that, right? Well, the Brewgenie Smart Coffee Maker markets itself for its intelligent connectivity to a smartphone app. Seeing its price tag, we were more than happy to get its hand on the product and see whether or not it is a smart buy.

Works Perectly! (Until you are not more than 5 feet away)

Bregenie Smart Coffee Maker
The BrewGenie Smart Coffee Maker

The Brewgenie Smart Coffee Maker is a long way off its advertising. The product uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and is marketed to have connectivity of over 150 feet. Nevertheless, the brewer actually disconnects at around 20 feet distance in the house.

The BrewGenie Smart Coffee Maker has an App!

One of the biggest setbacks is the actual application itself. On the marketing material, the application seems to be designed in a usual fashion for an app today. However, the actual design of the app is near-stock Android, making us think that they didn’t even spend a dime to hire a freelancer to make them a decent app. Laggy, unpleasant and a total pain to use, the application is nothing short of preposterous.

The BrewGenie Coffee Maker Application
The BrewGenie Smart Coffee Maker App looks nothing like it’s actual advertising.

But the problems don’t stop there. It’s not about the application, as long as the brewer actually brews coffee, right? When, we thought so as well and to be frank, the maker does do what it is supposed to do in that department. Yet, any $15 brewer does the same, if not a better, job of brewing coffee.

The Bottom Line: AVOID!

The Brewgenie is an affordable smart coffee brewer and that’s what it is advertised to be. But, it isn’t. It’s a cheap brewer with a stock app that doesn’t even work properly. The design and the build quality don’t go further to dignify the cost of the product either. The reason?

One of the main reasons behind the explicable marketing of the brewer that doesn’t correspond to the actual product is that Brewgenie is the result of an IndieGoGo campaign. Were the backers happy to get this maker? We sure aren’t happy with the amount we spend compared to the actual product we’ve got. Be sure to check out our other smart coffee maker and other smart home product reviews and don’t forget to tune in for the unveil of the best small smart home appliances of 2017 later this week! 

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