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Smart Thermostats are one of the leading and most widely used home automation devices currently on the smart home market. Responsible for controlling the heating and air conditioning in a house, these devices allow people to easily control the temperature of their homes. In comparison with programmable thermostats, smart thermostats are far more intelligent, due to their interconnectivity and their integrated artificial-intelligence software.

People using a smart thermostat are easily able to control the temperature of their home via a smart device. Furthermore, smart thermostats allow people to save money on their electric and heating bills, by implementing different solutions, controlling the temperature of a home in the most efficient way possible. They also are able to record the internal and external temperatures, as well as one’s input, allowing them to achieve the perfect temperature according to one’s personal preferences.

Smart Thermostats also have a different array of other features, including temperature notifications and notifications letting one know that their HVAC system needs a replacement of the air filter. Such advanced solutions are possible because of the integration of interconnectivity, advanced software and different smart home technology solutions. This allows smart thermostats to learn and adapt, offering the perfect temperature for one’s comfort, as well as achieving efficiency of the heating and air conditioning systems of the automated home.

News Hive Smart Thermostat IFTTT Support Featured

Manufactured by British Gas, Hive is a collection of smart home devices that provide simple and easy to install home automation solutions. While the products do manage to stand their ground on the ever evolving market, they have suffered a lack of interconnectivity, due to the strict walled garden approach of the company. However, things are beginning to change as Hive has officially announced, earlier this week, which they will finally be bringing IFTTT support to their line of smart home thermostats.

News Tado_in_action_iphone_gb

Tado, a rival from Europe to Google’s Nest thermostat, has announced recently that it will be launching a public API and also add support for IFTTT channels. The popular smart thermostat developer hopes that with the new changes they can finally expand their ecosystem of related services and devices by gaining developer support.

News nest_learning_thermostat

If you are an owner of the Nest Smart Thermostat and happen to own a newer Android or iOS device as well , you might be very happy to hear that Google stated on its Works with Nest Blog it will integrate Voice Control for the Learning Thermostat in its Google App.

Hardware Nest Learning Thermostat

Your normal thermostat helps you to adjust the temperature in your home, letting you control the heating and the air conditiong. The difference between Smart Thermostats and regular thermostats is the fact that they can learn from your specific needs and behaviours.

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If your home automation system is centered around Z-Wave or consists at least of one Z-Wave enabled controller we have selected the best products that will fit your needs. On this page, you will find short reviews of what we would consider the best z-wave thermostats.

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