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Many of us have grown up with sci-fi TV shows and the promise of household robots relieving us from the boredom of every day task such as cleaning, cooking, taking the kids to school, walking the dog, and taking the rubbish out. While the C-3PO style of robotic helper may be quite a few decades away, robots are already entering the home in many different ways.

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Based on recent research, 30 million households are expected to switch to smart homes in the United Stated by next year. Family safety becomes the top motivator for adopting smart home technology (63%) followed by convenience (53%).

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Home security has been one of the main niches of the smart home industry. But how does the technology stand in 2016? What are the best new inventions? We decide to tackle these issues by giving a check with the best home security camera systems for 2016.

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How do you gain both security and privacy in a world where everything is connected to and talking to everything else? To understand how you can achieve these things in a connected world, it’s important to first understand these things and what they mean for you.