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News Philips Hue Lighting Smart Home Featured Image

Earlier this week, Philips unveiled their new Hue lights that have better green lighting. Recently, the company also introduced their Philips Hue motion sensor into their and partnered with Huawei to deliver a better and more seamless smart home lighting experience.

Reviews Best Smart Home Security Camera Systems 2016 Featured Article Image

Home security has been one of the main niches of the smart home industry. But how does the technology stand in 2016? What are the best new inventions? We decide to tackle these issues by giving a check with the best home security camera systems for 2016.

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At the International Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), a convention for consumer electronics, similar to CES, the UK-based company Smarter debuted a new wireless fridge camera, called TheFridgeCam, that will be able to look over your food.

Reviews Best Garage Door Opener for 2016 Article Featured Image

The future is now and whether you’d like to upgrade your old garage door system to work with your smart home devices or install a completely new garage door controller, we’ve gathered the best smart garage door opener and controller options currently available on the market.

News Smart Home Industry Yonomi App Logitech Pop Switch Featured

Today, the smart home industry market saw two new major additions in the form of the Yonomi App and the Logitech Pop. The software is aimed at delivering a better and more enjoyable smart home experience, while the hardware aims for ease and simplicity in home automation. However, this is not the first time we’ve seen smart home devices with huge promises. Are this app and this device any different and can they change the industry? Chances are, they won’t. However, they are sill two great additions to the smart home market and are certainly worth checking out.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining more and more popularity and is slowly but surely becoming the next big thing on everyone’s lips. Namely, seeing how IoT makes our lives more practical, and helps unleash the full potential of present day technology, it is no wonder that it has already reached out to almost every single device in our household. Because of this, there could be no talk about Internet of things without mentioning how it helps make our printers significantly more intelligent.

Tutorials IFTTT

For those of you unfamiliar with IFTTT, it’s a program/website/app that allows you to connect different systems and create rules, or as they call them, “recipes”. IFTTT becomes especially awesome when you connect all of your smart home devices. Instead of waiting for your favorite brand to launch a version 2 or an update, you can just develop them yourself. The best part is that non-developers like me can do it. These are my 5 favorite home automation hacks with IFTTT. Actually, it should be called “My 4 favorite Hacks and 1 bonus Recipe for IFTTT” but that’s too long of a title.

Tutorials sureapp_post_image

Streaming your photos and videos is becoming more and more popular now that smartphones are becoming essential to our everyday lives. If you’re trying to figure out how to easily stream your media directly to your Smart TV, a great and easy app to use is the SURE Universal app.

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At Notion, we’re engineering an elevated experience integrated with the products you know and love now. We’re driving the concept called “home awareness” and the impetus has been to truly give your home a voice. With 8 different sensors in each device, Notion can be used for a variety of different monitoring needs around the house. Users receive custom push notifications on everything from open doors, windows, water leaks, lights, smoke alarms and more.

News Switchform Lifeswitch

The Switchform team consists of us two, Brett and Bryan. We launched this small start-up to make it possible to build smart homes simpler through design. We have been in the home automation field for quite some time and have noticed a huge surge in the demand to control one’s home via mobile devices but what happens when that control leaves the home. We thought, “Let’s make a product that allows you to run your home as easily as you operate the apps on your phone.” The lifeswitch was born.

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Oomi is the latest in Smart Home technologies. The Oomi team launched an Indiegogo campaign in April 2015 and plans to ship the final product in October. They hope to redefine the Smart Home. Meanwhile the campaign has raised over 1.5 million US dollars, which is pretty amazing.

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This spring, Insteon’s market-leading home automation systems will be adding support for Apple Watch users. Insteon uses both power lines and radiofrequency communication capabilities inside the home to allow homeowners to automate many common household systems.

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A thermostat that talks to your washing machine? A baby bottle that talks to your smartphone and tells you how much and how fast your baby is feeding? A belt that adjusts itself depending on your activities for the day? Here are the 10 Most Crazy Smart Home Gadgets You’ve Never Heard Of.