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A new announcement regarding the joined Intel smart home and Amazon forces sparked interest in the home automation industry. Does this give Amazon Alexa a fighting chance against the Google Home?

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With the ever growing home automation industry, we decided to tackle the question of what we should expect in innovations for the smart home 2017. Will Microsoft be putting Cortana in your home, while Amazon Alexa and IBM Watson are chilling on the couch? Will Google Home take over the home automation industry? The only certainty is that the industry is truly moving forward.

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The Smart Home Industry in 2016 didn’t saw much innovation in terms of devices. However, more and more huge tech companies decided to step into the home automation scene. Here are some of the most notable moments and news for the smart home from 2016.

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When people think of smart home tech, they usually imagine an expensive luxurious home with equipment and appliances worth in the thousands. However, this is not always the case. Here are a few tips on how to get started with a smart home on a budget with this smart home guide on cheap smart home tech and where to start on a budget.

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We all know that Alexa can play you any song on your smart home speakers. However, have you thought about Alexa playing your favorite song on the jukebox? The guys at Liberty games certainly have, and they’ve created what may very well be, the perfect voice-controlled Games room in existence today.

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Black Friday is just a week away. To help you save up some money, we’ve prepared the best Black Friday Smart Home Deals for 2016. We have included the best deals we found for smart thermostats, smart cameras, z-wave devices, home appliances, smart home hubs, garage doors and more.

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Wireless technology has come a long way in the past few years and new technologies offer exciting possibilities for the Smart Home. That’s why we’ve decided to check out which is the Best Wireless Doorbell for the Smart Home in 2016.

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Based on recent research, 30 million households are expected to switch to smart homes in the United Stated by next year. Family safety becomes the top motivator for adopting smart home technology (63%) followed by convenience (53%).

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Earlier this week, Philips unveiled their new Hue lights that have better green lighting. Recently, the company also introduced their Philips Hue motion sensor into their and partnered with Huawei to deliver a better and more seamless smart home lighting experience.

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Home security has been one of the main niches of the smart home industry. But how does the technology stand in 2016? What are the best new inventions? We decide to tackle these issues by giving a check with the best home security camera systems for 2016.

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