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The future is now and whether you’d like to upgrade your old garage door system to work with your smart home devices or install a completely new garage door controller, we’ve gathered the best smart garage door opener and controller options currently available on the market.

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Crestron made the Top Ten Review Award list for being a company whose high standards for running an automation system capable of supporting one of the largest networks operating today. Their system package also comes complete with their own professional installers that take care of every detail for you. Their professional installers ensure that every customer has complete device compatibility and that you the customer understands every function and ability that comes with the package you purchase.

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In 2003, Will West, Mark Morgan, and Eric Smith started Control4 with the goal of creating an effective platform for a convenient home through advanced technology. Their products were first debuted at the CEDIA tech show in 2004, and their initial production line was available later that year.

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Founded in 1998, the software development company Embedded Automation designed and developed a number of breakthrough technologies intended to help create a completely digital home. The firm operated as a division of the mHome product group of companies. It marketed its innovative line of products through an mHome Authorized Dealer Network in the United States for several years. In 2008, the company released a Digital Home Portal, a thin, wall-mounted touchscreen unified control panel designed as a console for interfacing various processes controlled within a digital home. The firm promoted its technologies and the mControl3 Home Automation System at the March, 2008 Electronic House Expo in Orlando, Florida.