Hive Smart Thermostats Finally Receive IFTTT Support

Earlier this week, Hive has officially announced that they are bringing IFTTT support to their line of smart thermostat devices.

Manufactured by British Gas, Hive is a collection of smart home devices that provide simple and easy to install home automation solutions. While the products do manage to stand their ground on the ever evolving market, they have suffered a lack of interconnectivity, due to the strict walled garden approach of the company. However, things are beginning to change as Hive has officially announced, earlier this week, which they will finally be bringing IFTTT support to their line of smart home thermostats.

A More Interconnected Hive Smart Thermostats Future

One of the main reasons Hive smart thermostats weren’t considered to be the top smart thermostat choices on the market has always been their lack of interconnectivity. Nonetheless, users of those devices would now finally be able to experience what owners of Nest, Ecobee, and other thermostats, could experience for years.

Hive Smart Thermostat IFTTT Support Featured New


With the help of If This Then That, or IFTTT, people will be able to connect their Hive smart thermostats to other devices and create different recipes to control them. For example, users are now able to set their thermostat to turn off every time they exit the house or set their thermostat to boost their hot water once their smartphone alarm goes off. With IFTTT the possibilities are virtually endless.

As a real powerhouse platform, integrating with IFTTT is an important step in offering our customers more ways to feel connected to and in control of their homes. We’re starting with Hive Active Heating but we look forward to building the full range of Hive products as the channel grows,” stated Director of Connected Home with Hive, Kass.

Itis good to see that Hive is finally giving up on their limiting marketing strategies and opening up the Hive ecosystem to interconnectivity with other devices. While currently, the IFTTT support is available only for the Smart Thermostats, the company has stated that they will soon be releasing support to their other lines of smart home automation solutions.


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